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Hotel Reiters Finest Family - Lady gets a facial treatment
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Beauty comes from you

At Reiters Finest Beauty, it's easy to let go. Treat yourself to some time out with feel-good treatments, massages, manicures/pedicures or Far Eastern Ayurveda treatments. Let experienced hands accompany you on a journey to your own well-being.


At the end, we invite you to enjoy a glass of champagne, a cup of tea or a refreshing drink. Afterwards, think only of yourself, find your way back and experience yourself anew!

Beauty treatments

In the beauty area, we rely on innovative technologies such as radio frequency therapy to revitalize your skin in a certified and gentle way. Classic beauty treatments and high-quality wraps are carried out by our experienced staff to give you a feeling of perfection.

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - Boy gets facial treatment

Young & Beautiful

At Finest Beauty, our younger guests can also enjoy the comfort of being pampered. There are special treatments for the particular needs of young skin. Whether it's a facial treatment, deep cleansing, manicure or pedicure - everyone looks more beautiful here!

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Woman on cosmetic couch gets eyebrow shaping

Classic Treatments

Brighten up your inner and outer beauty with anti-aging treatments (micro-dermabrasion, micro needling, ultrasound) - with nutrient-rich care products tailored to your skin type.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Fingernails are painted red

Manicure & pedicure

Sit back and let your hands and feet be pampered and cared for with exclusive OPI products. You will enjoy a soothing exfoliation including a massage and your nails will be finished off with a glossy polish.

Hotel Reiters Supreme - Woman enjoys head massage
Well-being treatments

Let yourself be whisked away on a sensual journey by soothing treatments with hand-warm oils, while your thoughts gently drift away and you feel safe in a world of complete relaxation and recharge your batteries.

Signatura Treatment

Yin-Yang treatment

Our signature treatment pampers holistically and is customised for "top-heavy" people. Tension and blockages in the shoulder, neck and head area are released with special grips, warm oils and gentle stretches. Energetic stroking is also used to relieve the feet in order to achieve balance, inner peace and regeneration.

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - lady gets facial treatment with oil