Be on the safe side thanks to cancellation protection!

Trip cancellation protection


On the safe side

Cancellation free of charge up to the day of arrival with travel cancellation protection.
We will make changes to bookings or cancelations free of charge.


Worry-free thanks to travel cancellation protection
For a lump sum ("cancellation fee"), you have the right to cancel your booking up to the day of arrival without giving any reason. Early departure is not included. Not available for Merkur Health bookings.


Fees without trip cancellation protection
Cancellation fees on the booked arrangement
Up to 30 days before arrival: free of charge
Up to 7 days before arrival: 50
Up to 1 day before arrival: 70
On the day of arrival and in the event of early departure: 100%.
Merkur Health bookings are subject to their own terms and conditions.
Cancellations must be made in writing.


Where can I take out travel cancellation cover?
When booking online, you can add travel cancellation protection as an additional service in the second step. The costs are shown in the summary before the booking is completed. For telephone/written bookings, please ask our staff on the vacation hotline.


When does the travel cancellation cover have to be paid?
This must be paid immediately when booking by credit card. If the cancellation protection ("cancellation fee") is not paid, the cancellation conditions according to the General Terms and Conditions automatically come into force.


How long does cancellation cover last?
Travel cancellation cover begins with the booking confirmation and must be paid immediately upon booking. Cancellation cover ends at midnight on the day of arrival.


How can I cancel?
We ask for your understanding that only written cancelations will be accepted.


Questions & Answers
If you have any comments or questions about our trip cancellation cover, please contact us.