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All-inclusive with
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You may be able to eat well in some family hotels. At Reiters Finest Family, you can even enjoy excellent, regional, seasonal food around the clock. This is all-inclusive of a very special kind!

Parents or grandparents no longer have to worry about additional costs. And everyone gets what they want. Healthy, tasty and of the highest quality. For a carefree, funtastic family vacation.


A vacation at Finest Family is like a vacation in the land of milk and honey. Here (almost) no wish remains unfulfilled. Guests of all ages will find everything they need for their physical well-being. And also their own personal favorite spot!

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Cooks with funtasy

Helmuth Gangl was once awarded 3 toques. Patrick Moser has gained experience all over the world. And together they raise the cuisine at Finest Family to a truly exclusive level. So that you can enjoy delicious, healthy and funtastic dishes around the clock.

You can taste

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - Children`s dish pasta with curd
Hotel Reiters Finest Family - Children`s dish Spaghetti Bolognese with pesto
Hotel Reiters Finest Family - Children's dish Schnitzel with chips
Hotel Reiters Finest Family - Children's dish minced patties with mashed potatoes and peas