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Today. Tomorrow. Always.

If you want a better world, you have to start with yourself and start yesterday. As a family business, it is a matter close to our hearts to take care of the environment and nature. Many of our guests feel the same way as we do and welcome an environment in which they can feel at ease with a clear conscience.

Sustainable corporate governance

We want to achieve not only economic goals, but also ecological and social ones. As a company, we strive for "good" corporate governance and act ethically and morally. Not only do we need to take a responsible view of society and the environment, we also need to take an internal view in order to operate sustainably. Our focus on sustainability extends from our employees to our products, our hotels, nature and our own farms.

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - Karl J. Reiter and Nikola Reiter under the apple trees
Hotel Reiters Finest Family - Karl J. Reiter and Nikola Reiter at the beehives


We cover all our beef requirements with our own products. And we offer a variety of plant-based alternatives for every meal.

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - pasta variation

Food products

Each product is selected according to seasonality, regionality, organic labels, certificates and, of course, taste.

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - Quince on a plate with jelly


We produce as much as we can ourselves: Sausage, lardo, juices, jams, chutneys, pasta, ice cream, bread and much more. You can also take a lot of it home with you in our store.

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - green area

Outdoor facilities

We run several (partly organic) farms, keep and breed breeds of endangered domestic animals and focus on species-appropriate free-range farming all year round.

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - Sun shines over the pond

Water management

Surface water is drained into a shared retention pond via a biological oil separation system. Rainwater is also largely fed into several irrigation ponds and used to irrigate the golf course and outdoor facilities.

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - Birdhouse

Birds and insects

We have installed numerous nesting boxes and planted over 3 km of bird food plants to create a protected habitat for insects, birds and small animals. Every year, we sow several hectares of butterfly and bee meadows to increase diversity.

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - Apple blossoms on the tree

Imparting knowledge of nature

A snack garden with many old varieties on over 2000 m² serves children and adults for tasting and learning. There is a fruit tree avenue with old varieties and we also plant dozens of fruit trees every year in orchard style.

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - herb garden

Herb garden

Many of the things used in our kitchens or in our flower workshop grow on over 300 m².

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - chicken in the meadow

Eggs & honey

Breakfast eggs come from our mobile henhouse with around 200 chickens. We also have numerous beehives and process our own delicious honey.

Hotel Reiters Finest Family - goat family

Animal variety

Paddocks with cattle, water buffalo, donkeys and horses invite you to linger. In addition, the entire area is a hunting-free zone and therefore a protected habitat for wild animals - the rare brown hare already likes it.